Pictures of current MSC members (click for larger size)

Group pictures

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Adri Van Duin Amos Anderson
Boris Merinov Caglar Tanrikulu
Changmoon Park Candy Tong
Daniel Ess Dan Fisher
Darryl Willick Ekaterina Tkatchouk
Hyungjun Kim Jamil Tahir-Kheli
Jason Gonzales Jason Keith
Jef Dodson Jiyoung Heo
Jonathan Mueller John Wendel
Jonas Oxgaard Kimberly Chenoweth
Leonard Ong Luzheng Zhang
Mamadou Diallo Mario Blanco
Marten Ahlquist Mu-jeng Cheng
Peter Fristrup Peng Xu
Qing Zhang Qingsong Zhang
Robert Nielsen Sang Soo Han
Seung Soon Jang Shirley Feng
Si-Ping Han Tod Pascal
Victor Kam
William Goddard Yi Liu
Youyong Li Yuki Matsuda


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