The Herbert Newby McCoy Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in research by Chemistry graduate students.  Please join us in congratulating the winners for this year.  They are: Derek Debe, Yiqin Gao, Jeremy Kua, Melanie Sanford, and Akif Tezcan.


June 14, 2001, seminars will be presented by the winners beginning at 2 PM in 153 Noyes, Sturdivant Lecture Hall, followed by a celebration at the Caltech Beckman Institute courtyard.


From the MSC

Derek Debe won with his thesis entitled Shaving Levinthal with Occam’s Razor: Understanding the Rate Limiting Step in Protein Folding.


Jeremy Kua won with his thesis entitled Computational Studies of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalysis by Late Transition Metals.