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Installation Instructions

Note: the mathematica version of the HCToolkit has been superseeded! All code has been ported to perl, to form the 'all new' HCToolkit. The new site can be found at ruby.wag.caltech.edu/EOSInterface/index.atml

The HC toolkit is an open source Mathematica-based set of scripts designed to address the needs of geoscientists predicting the phase behavior of hydrocarbon mixtures.  It includes the folloowing features:

  • Liquid-vapor (P,T) flash
  • Bubble and Dew points
  • Four equations of state:  Van der Waals, PRKS, Mathias-RKS, Aasberg-Petersen.
  • specific volume/density calculations
  • support for pseudo-components
  • data on 400+ 'real' components


  • Windows (95/98/NT), or Linux/Unix machine with enough juice to run Mathematica.  
  • A recent version of Mathematica (probably 3.0 or greater)
  • A lot of patience (this is Alpha code, folks!)

Development is very rapid, so check back often.

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