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The Advanced Basins Project, sponsored by the US Department of Energy (NPTO), is  a collaboration between Caltech, Cornell University, and GeoGroup Inc.   Its aim is to incorporate sophisticated inorganic and hydrocarbon chemistry within a two-dimensional basin model.  The proposed work will develop a public domain, user-friendly basin modeling software under PC or low end workstation environment that predicts hydrocarbon generation, expulsion, migration and chemistry. 

The main features of the software are:

flexibility in entering kinetic parameters for different maturity indicators;

flexibility in choice of compositional kinetic parameters to predict hydrocarbon composition (e.g., gas/oil ratio (GOR), wax content, API gravity, etc.) at different kerogen maturities,

ability to calculate the chemistry, fluxes and physical properties of all hydrocarbon phases (gas, liquid and solid) along the primary and secondary migration pathways of the basin and predict the location and intensity of phase fractionation, mixing, gas washing, etc., and,

ability to predict the location and intensity of asphaltene precipitation



Our Mission

To provide advanced modeling capabilities to both major and independent oil companies, incorporating the latest chemical models in an intuitive,  technically-advanced, robust 2-dimensional basin model framework on the Windows NT platform



Dr. Lawrence M. Cathles IIIDr. William A. Goddard, Co-Principle Investigators

Dr. Mario Blanco

Dr. Peter Meulbroek

Dr. Yongchun Tang


Contact Information

More information on the project will be provided on request from Dr. Peter Meulbroek of the Materials and Process Simulation Center, California Institute of Technology            

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Chemistry 139-74, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA 91125
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General Information: meulbroek@wag.caltech.edu
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