MSC Senior Members

Name   e-mail address   Office   Office Phone
(626) 395-(ext)
William A. Goddard III
Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of
Chemistry, Material Science, and Applied Physics,
and Director of the Materials and Process Simulation Center
 wag at   316   x3093
Mario Blanco
Director, PSDC 
 mario at   315B   x2754
Mamadou Diallo
Director,  Molecular Environmental Technology (MET)
 diallo at   03  x8133
Ravinder Abrol
Director, Biomacromolecular Simulations 
 abrol at   054I   x8143
Soo-Kyung Kim
Director, Biomacromolecular Modeling 
 skkim at   05e   x8149
Adri van Duin
Director, Force Fields and Atomistic Simulations 
 duin at   01B   x8136
Boris Merinov
Director, Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies 
 merinov at   315   x2754
Sergey Zybin
Director, Materials at Extreme Conditions
 zybin at  054D  x8134
Yi Liu
Director, CMDF Algorithms
 yi at  05e  x8137
Andres Jaramillo-Botero
Director, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
 ajaramil at  054f  x3591
Youyong Li
Director, Biotech and Funtional Materials 
 youyong at   054h   x2732
Diego Benitez
Director, Nanomaterials Technology 
 diego at    (626) 840-9600
Yongchun Tang
Director, PEER Facility 
 tang at   PEER Center   (909) 468-9310
Darryl Willick
Director, Computational Infrastructure 
 dlw at   05C   x2719
Margarita Davis
Administrative Assistant 
 davism at   Noyes 134   x6856

FAX for any of the above is: (626) 585-0918

Mailing Address for any of the above: 
Chemistry 139-74
        Pasadena, CA 91125
Fedex Address
Chemistry 139-74
        1200 E. California Bl.
        Pasadena, CA 91125
        Ph.: 626-395-2730
Equipment Shipments
Chemistry 139-74
        391 S. Holliston Ave.
        Pasadena, CA 91125