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Diels-Alder Reaction MPEGs

diels1b.poster         diels2.poster

Highest occupied orbital_________Second highest occupied orbital

(2.1 MB, 260x260 pixels, 242 frames)___(2.2 MB, 260x260 pixels, 242 frames)

These Diels-Alder animations are based on a reaction trajectory simulation done by Anil Roopnarine using the Gaussian 92 wavefunction calculation software.

Still images from Diels-Alder Reaction

diels1.poster2Poster 1 diels1.poster Poster 2

MPEG movies morphing a sequence of monoatomic orbitals

movie.16 (8.2 MB, 300x240 pixels, 1006 frames)

movie.14 (14.4 MB, 450x350 pixels, 1007 frames)

Link to Jim's Home Page, with more MPEGs and tips on playing them.

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