I am a research Scientist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), affiliated to the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering division, where I also lecture periodically on atomistic modeling, and the Director of Multiscale Science and Simulation effort at the Materials and Process Simulation Center

You can learn about my scientific interests, ongoing and accomplished research in the field of nanoscale science, consulting activities, publications and patents, software development and other professional activities.

A summary of my academic credentials, awards and honors, general interests, and professional experience describes my life journey in science and engineering, from my days as a tenured engineering professor in Colombia (yes, that beautiful country) up to my current investigations here at Caltech. 

Note: The word 'multiscale' has lost semantic specificity and has become a "buzz" word in the scientific community.  In the context of this work it entails developing new theory and first-principles-based methods that are then used via large-scale computations for understanding, characterizing, predicting and optimizing the dynamic response of materials and systems using a bottom-up approach; from the scale of atoms and their constituents, or the nanoscale, up to the mesoscale (the scale of macromolecules, composite nanostructured materials, nano-devices and systems, etc.). 


Contact information:

California Institute of Technology

Beckman Institute (Office: 322)

Chemistry MS 139-74, Pasadena, CA 91125
Tel: (626) 395-3591 /  (626) 585-0918


emails: ajaramil at or at


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