Mihail S. Iotov

139-74 Beckman Institute                               Office : (818)395-2729
Caltech	  	    	      			       Home   : (818)585-1502	    
Pasadena, CA 91125      http://www.wag.caltech.edu/home-pages/iotov/index.html

Expertise Summary

Generic Application/System Software Development Expertise
     Portable software, across operating systems and hardware architectures.
     Distributed applications using a client/server model 
     Multiprocess applications using POSIX threads or message passing
     libraries (MPI, NX)
     TCP/IP protocols.
     Numerical simulations for Physics and Chemistry.
     Graphical user Interfaces, especially using X windows system.
     Problem solving and troubleshooting.
     Computer Graphics (2D and 3D systems. Open Inventor GL.)
     Digital Signal Processing.
     Pattern Recognition.
     VLSI design and verification.
Hardware & Operating Systems
     UNIX System V, UNIX BSD
     Intel 386 running Linux
     SGI Power Challenge
     Intel Paragon
     Cray T3D

     Intel 386 running Windows 95
     IBM SP2

Languages and Tools


     C,C++,X window system, tcl/tk, perl, csh, dbx, emacs

     Fortran, Pascal, Assembly, Postscript

Professional Employment     	  	

     Software company "Pravetz," Sofia, Bulgaria               (10/86 - 01/88)
     System Programmer. "Pravetz" was the operating system software
     developer for a major Apple and IBM clone maker in Eastern Europe.
     I modified an Apple ][ office package (including database,
     spreadsheet and text editor) to accommodate 8-bit character code
     so we could have support for both  Latin and Cyrillic characters.
     We used reprogrammed video character generators and interface to 
     modified keyboard, along with modifying the operating system and
     applications to become 8-bit clean.

     Molecular Simulation Center, Caltech, Pasadena CA         1/94 - present 
     Graduate Student. The Molecular Simulation Center employs 30
     people under the management of Professor Goddard and is comparable
     in operation to a small company. A lot of people are involved in 
     software development and spin-off companies have included
     Molecular Simulations Inc. (an industry leader in chemistry
     simulation software) and Schroedinger Inc. 

     Major Accomplishments:

     Portable, Parallel Simulation Program  (11/94 -present) As chief 
     maintainer of this 20,000+ line project have day-to-day
     responsibility for major decision in implementation and code
     integration, recompiling and releases. Along with
     another graduate student, a postdoc and a staff scientist have
     written 5,000 lines of new code, integrated it into the current
     simulation engine and ported it to SGI Power Challenge, Cray T3D
     and parallel computers. The development is done in ANSI C thus
     enabling easy portability to any UNIX workstation. The simulator
     uses industry standard user interface and allows simulating the
     biggest chemical systems ever (> 10,000,000 atoms, and limited
     only by the available memory.) This program is available for use
     by researchers at national supercomputing centers.

     Diffusion analysis toolkit (4/95 - present) Designed and
     implemented a suite of programs for analysis of diffusion in polymers.
     Designed file formats and program intercommunication protocols.
     Under a graphical user interface these programs allow scientists
     to point-and-click simulate diffusion of gasses in polymers 
     computing dynamic properties and visualizing the process.

     Bulgarian Army, Bulgaria 			  	    	9/84-9/86  
     Two years mandatory military service. Graduated from an academy for 
     officers in the reserves in 8/85 and served as a platoon
     commander later.     	  
     Designed and developed hardware and software to interface telegraph
     machines with Apple 2 computers. Developed also software for
     training soldiers in teletyping using the above interface.

Other Experience
Research-       Research in Physics and Chemistry. Papers published in peer
                reviewed journals and presented ant conferences. 

Teaching-       Worked as a Teaching Assistant for various Physics classes at
                undergraduate and graduate levels.

Skills:         Very strong background in mathematics and physics.
     	  	Very fast learner. 
Education:      Ph.D. in Physics, with minor in 
     	  	Computer Science (course concentration Software Engineering) expected 6/97
                California Institute of Technology,  Pasadena, California 
                advisor: Dr. William A. Goddard
     	  	thesis title: Dynamics in Disordered Media    	  	
                University Degree in Physics                         July 1991
                Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria,                  GPA - 3.92
Honors and
Awards :        honorary fellowship as an undergraduate (given to 4 in a class of 200).
                USIA grant for summer school at University of Delaware (1991).
                Won second and third prizes on 24-th International Olympiad,
		Paris, 1983 and 15-th International Physics Olympiad,
		Stockholm, 1984.