STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) Image Gallary

Extracted STM Image Gallary of IBM Almaden Research Center Visualization Lab

[ General Chemistry | Yun Hee Jang | MSC, Caltech | Chemistry, Seoul Natl Univ ]


Title: Atom
Media: Iron on Copper (111)

The Kanji characters for "atom." The literal translation is something like "original child."
[Lutz & Eigler]

Title : Carbon Monoxide Man
Media : Carbon Monoxide on Platinum (111)

The artist, Zeppenfeld, was known to go through playful moods, leaving behind a series of images in the lab notebooks, none of which were serious in nature.
[Zeppenfeld & Eigler]

Title : The Beginning
Media : Xenon on Nickel (110)

Artists have almost always needed the support of patrons (scientists too!). Here, the artist, shortly after discovering how to move atoms with the STM, found a way to give something back to the corporation which gave him a job when he needed one and provided him with the tools he needed in order to be successful.