Ravinder Abrol

Scientific Researcher in Chemistry
Manager, Biomacromolecular Simulations at MSC

MC 139-74, Beckman Institute
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125, USA
E-mail: abrol (AT) wag.caltech.edu
Phone: 1.626.395.8143
Fax: 1.626.585.0917

Biogroup UnSTuC (Unabashed Scripts-Tools usage Cheat) Sheet

Located here, though under continuous development.

Research focus

* Ab initio structure prediction of G-protein coupled receptors
* GPCR agonist/antagonist design for selective binding
* Relative binding free energies from docking and dynamics simulations
* Long time-scale dynamics of apo and ligand-bound GPCRs in explicit lipids
hCCR1:BX471 2ns Molecular Dynamics Movie
MOV [~ 21 MB]
apo:hCCR1 10ns Molecular Dynamics Movie
MOV [~ 18 MB]
* Development of flexible docking methods

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