Multiscale Science and Simulation and Computational Nanoscience

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  • First principles based multiscale modeling and simulation 

    • Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics methods

    • Reactive and coarse-grain force field methods

    • Paradigm-coupling for computational upscaling/downscaling

    • Applications to materials design, shock physics, biochemistry and others

  • Nanoscale science and engineering (Computational Nanotechnology):

    • In-silico first-principles based nanodevice design and optimization

    • Kinodynamics design and optimization

    • Transport (electronic) properties

    • Mechanical properties

    • Control and Simulation

Robot Dynamics Modeling, Simulation and Control

  • Devices and systems for nanoscale molecular positioning and manipulation

  • Kinematics design for high-speed real-time dynamic control

  • Modeling and simulation methods and algorithms (e.g. see Robomosp)

SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS: please send me an e-mail message if you're interested in downloading any of the software programs available from this site.  Include contact info, and a brief mention to your interest in the particular tool and the application at hand.




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