Materials & Process Simulation Center.
California Institute of Technology.

Prof. Goddard

Beckman Institute (179-74)
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA

Atomistic simulation of silicon nitride intermetallic matrix composites.

Calculation of Si3N4 and intermetallic phase diagrams, force field validation, CIMC molecular grain boundary studies, grain surface simulation through molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical studies.

Determination of intrinsic properties such elastic moduli, equation of state and pressure - temperature resistance. Microstructure simulation and dislocation (propagation between the ceramic intermetallic interphase) studies will also be included.

This information will help Imperial College in order to build a reliable Finite Element Model using molecular parameters. Research on Mechanical properties will help the other project partners in order to undestand better Si3N4 in order to improve its properties.


1 Post-DOC + consumables + equipment + 20% overheads= 70 000$ per year.

Total: 210 000 for a 3 years period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prof. Goddard funding will come through an american organization and NOT FROM THE FP5-EUROPEAN COMUNITY BUDGET.