Zoz GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Hongming Ren
Maltoz® - Strasse
D-57482 Wenden, Germany
R & D Department

Zoz GmbH has many experience to produce powder composites with our milling system, e, g. producing Ni3Al from Ni and Al by means of mechanical alloying. Our function in this project might be producing the fine (grain size could be reduced to nanometer range) and homogeneous distributed powder composites.

There is a possibility that we produce a small quantity of different powders in our lab scale machine for the basic research and a bigger quantity of powder in our industrial scale machines for coating tests.

The main equipment is the high energy ball mills with 0.5, 2, 8 liter milling volumes for the milling experiments for fundamental research. The machines with 20 - 100 liter milling volume could be used for the industrial powder production.

Zoz GmbH has qualified persons for research and development.

Our company profile:

Zoz GmbH provides a wide range of process engineering all over the world, specializing in P.M. TECH Equipment & Products. Research in materials design, engineering and processing using High Energy Milling, Mechanical Alloying and Reactive Milling. Design and Production of laboratory and industrial grinding plants focusing in Simoloyer® (Horizontal Rotary Ball Mill) and Equipment including the material transfer under controlled conditions. Process Control units and software.

TOTAL BUDGET: 443900 Euro. % Requested from the Community: 0