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Haibin Su

Materials and Process Simulation Center
Beckman Institute ( Mail Code 139-74 )
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125-7400
Phone: (626) 395-8141
Fax: (626) 585-0918
E-mail: hbsu{at}wag.caltech.edu


Ph.D., SUNY @ Stony Brook (Images of Stony Brook)
(Thesis projects were performed at Brookhaven National Laboratory . PhD thesis (pdf format) available upon request.)

Research Interests:
Emergent collective properties of condensed matter systems, in particular, at nanometer scales.

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------ In Praise of Tao ------

Tao creates matter,
Matter generates Tao;
Tao shapes the action of matter,
Matter forms the completion of Tao.
The art of the universe is the Tao of all matter.

The Tao of matter represents the duality and perfect balance called Tai Chi.

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