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Department of Chemical Engineering
Kansas State University
Durland Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
(913) 532-4317
Dr. Shaoyi Jiang
### Durland Hall (office)
(913) 532-4317
E-mail: jiang@wag.caltech.edu


Advances in molecular modeling and statistical mechanics have given scientists and engineers the power to design, characterize and optimize new materials and chemicals. The major focus of this research group is on the application of the state-of-art molecular modeling techniques in complement with experimental techniques to the critical problems of engineering interests. All the projects are both basic and application-oriented.


Research Projects

Nanotechnology: The objective is to design materials with atomic precision. This is an interdisciplinary research and a new frontier of surface science and materials science with a wide range of applications in chemical, computer, materials, and aerospace industries. Examples include diamond coating, magnetic recording head/disk interface, and nanomachinery.

Membrane separation: The objective is to tailor optimal membranes for a specific separation task. At present, the selection of a suitable membrane is somewhat empirical and there has been a considerable lack of fundamental understanding of the mechanism. Such membranes (e.g. ceramic and polymer) will be used for gas purification, novel reaction, and environmental cleanup.

Battery Design and Modeling: The objective is to design optimal solid polymer electrolytes for new-generation solid polymer lithium batteries. There is a growing interest in the use of such high-performance batteries for electric-vehicle applications.

Environmental Remediation: The objective is to provide useful information for the rational design of processes and materials for the removal of major hazardous organic contaminants from soil. This information has been consistently identified as a major research need in bioremediation of contaminated soil.

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