JIANWEI (JOHN) CHE - Ph.D., California Institute of Technology



Ph.D. University of California at San Diego, 9/93-3/97.

B.S. University of Science and Technology of China, 9/88-6/93.


Graduate Research: Theoretical calculation of quantum dynamics, quantum control, ultrafast spectroscopy of two and three level systems. Stochastic model of condensed phase quantum dynamics. Adviser: Prof. Kent R. Wilson.
Thesis title: Quantum Control and Detection -- Theory to Reality, Gas Phase to Condensed Phase.

Undergraduate Research: Theory of supersonic free jet, calculating the temperature distribution of supersonic fluid field under nonadiabatic case. Experiment on LIF spectrum of radical. Adviser: Prof. Xinxiao Ma.


Outstanding Student Fellowship, University of Science & Technology of China, 1989-1993

Guo Mo-ro Scholarship, University of Science & Technology of China, 1992


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    Conference Proceedings

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e-mail: jiche@wag.caltech.edu