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What is included

The directory tree of the distribution is outlined in Table 1.1.

Table 1.1: eFF distribution contents.
Directory Contents
eff/ Binary
eff/src Source code
effview/ Binary
effview/src Source code
effview/glut Supporting library
effview/glew Supporting library
effview/libpng Supporting library
scripts/ Builder scripts (ch. 5)
examples/library Small molecule library (ch. 6)
examples/1_h_atom Example 2.1
examples/2_h2_molecule Example 2.2
examples/3_valence_methane Example 2.3
examples/4_auger_adamantane Example 2.4
examples/5_hydrogen_plasma Example 2.5
examples/6_dendritic_lithium Example 2.6
docs/ User and programmer's guide

Julius 2008-04-29