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Web of Science
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American Institute of Physics Publications
Online Journal Publishing Service Home Page
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Elsevier Science: Electronic Services
Science and Engineering
ChemPort: Publishers List
Rheologica Acta
Tribology Letters
ScienceDirect - Journals
Electronic Historical Publications - Home Page

Research Resources

The RCSB Protein Data Bank
The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
The MathWorks - The Neural Network Toolbox - Introduction: Research, Design and Simulation of Neural Networks
WebElements Periodic Table
The MEMS Clearinghouse Homepage
US Patents - Login for Registered User
Crystal Lattice Structures
Chemical Engineering Faculty Directory Index by Institution
AIChE Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum: Academic Research
Coenzyme A (CoA)
Classical, Quantum & Statistical Thermodynamics & Mechanics Data and Property Calculation
NIST Chemistry WebBook

Organizations and Companies

National Institute of Standards and Technology
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Chemical Society
Silicon Graphics Inc.
Digital Instruments
Molecular Simulations Inc.
Schrodinger Inc.
Aspen Technology Inc.
Simulation Science (FoxPro)

Chemical Engineering Departments in US

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Some groups' pages

Prof. William A. Goddard III
Prof. Shaoyi Jiang's group
Prof. Gerd Maurer
Prof. Xiaohu Lu


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