Mario Blanco, PhD

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PSDC Director
Materials and Process Simulation Center
California Institute of Technology
Mail Code BI 139-74
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA
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The following are recent research projects by Dr. Blanco

International Development Design Summit.

Flow Control Nanovalve .
Electronic Nose Abstract .
The Electronic Nose .
de novo Chemical Engineering.
An Advanced Chemistry Basin Model for Petroleum Exploration .
Barite Scale Project SEM .
December 2001 LAMMPS Documentation .
LAMMPS Documentation .

Dr. Mario Blanco joined the MSC in November, 1993 after 10 years experience in the chemical industry. Dr. Blanco is the Director of the Process Simulation and Design Collaboration (PSDC) of the Materials and Process Simulations Center in the Beckman Institute at Caltech.

Dr. Blanco's research interests include:

  1. new theoretical methods in molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, and statistical mechanics,
  2. their applications to molecular interactions in condensed media, and
  3. the transfer of these technologies to industrial scientists and engineers for applications to problems in materials, specialty chemicals, drugs, environmental chemistry, and process simulations.


Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Los Angeles (1983)
Thesis Advisor: Professor Eric J. Heller
current Director of Atomic Physics at Harvard University.
Thesis Title: "Molecular Bound States from Quantum Mechanical Projection Operators"


1993 - present
Director Process Simulation and Design Collaboration, MSC/BI, Caltech, Pasadena, CA
At Caltech: Senior Manager of the Materials and Process Simulation Center. Established and managed a number of multi-year contracts with industry (3M, Avery Dennison, Kellogg, Exxon, Owens Corning, Chevron, Dow Chemical, Saudi Aramco, Hercules). Hired and trained postdoctoral fellows to conduct industrially sponsored research. Collaborated with Industrial Scientist in solving key technological problems in product development areas from new materials, to catalyst development, to invention of novel processes. Collaborated in multiple publications and patent applications. These programs promoted applied scientific research, trained industrial scientist, prepared workshops and annual scientific meetings at Caltech. Over 20 years experience in the application and management of Industrial collaborations including partnership with General Electric (Polymers), 3M (Stain Protectors), Owens Corning (E-glass), General Motors (Fuel Cells), Avery Dennison (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives), Kellogg's (Corn Syrups), Chevron-Texaco (Corrosion, Scale, Wear Inhibitors), Exxon-Mobil (Gasoline Reforming Catalysts) and Saudi Aramco (emulsions and asphaltenes). Principal investigator in US government funded projects by the National Science Foundation (NSF, nanotechnology), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, pollution prevention), the Department of Defense (DoE, electronic nose) and the Department of Energy (DoE, oil basin modeling and oil migration indicators).

1990 - 1993
Senior Scientist, Product Manager,Biosym/MSI, Sunnyvale, CA

1984 - 1990
Senior Scientist, Computer Applications Research, Rohm and Haas Company
at Spring House and at Bristol, PA


2002 Winner 2002 1st Prize in Nanotechnology Design, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
1991 Science Nominee, Smithsonian Institution
1990 Recipient of Cray Research 1990 Supercomputing Award
1979-84 NICO Canadian Minning Graduate Fellowship


American Chemical Society
American Academy of Nanomedicine (Founding Member)
UCLA Alumni Association



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