Phase Separation Predictions

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Pridicting the l-v distribution of Pseudo-Components

Let us look at a mixture of pseudo-components, whose composition is defined in an associated package file.  First, we plot a typical pseudo-gc for the composition




Flash the model at STP

DUE TO A BUG in the implementation of my EOS routines (a VERY DEEP BUG), one has to load the symbols in two stages.  


Simple Phase Relationship

Examine the Phase Behavior of the Mixture

A Phase envelope

Exmaine the compositional changes from drawdown

Changes in vapor fraction (mole/mole)
Changes in gas cap size (scf/bbl)
Changes in density
Comparing gas cap size predictions using different mixture definitions
Comparing vapor phase density predictions using different mixture definitions

Examine the changes in fingerprint compounds

Changes in C7 fingerprinting compounds
Changes in C8 fingerprinting compounds
Changes in C10 fingerprinting compounds

Complex Phase History

Evaporative Fractionation

Cbange in Liquid Fraction
Change in Aromatic / Paraffinitic ratios

Gas Washing

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