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Personal Stuff:

First off:  Pictures of my Son, Ezekiel William Meulbroek born March 24, 2003

Places I've worked:

California Institute of Technology
Materials and Process Simulation Center Home Page
NRG Home Page:  Steve Larter, Andy Aplin, et al. at U Newcastle.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Home Page
Jean Whelan's group at Woods Hole
The Cornell University Geology dept.
The University of Chicago

Fluid Flow Modeling

I have interest in modeling fluid flow.  At one point, I wanted to find a good fluid flow model.  These are the results of my search.

A Compendium of Fracture Flow Models - 1994 by D.M. Diodato:  useful, old, limited
CFD codes list - free software:  All public domain, all complex
Dragon Technology, Inc.'s PREDICT - Chemical Physical Property Estimation Software
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory
ITOUGH2 Home Page - Multiphase Inverse Modeling
MOFAT for Windows - multiphase (water, oil, gas) flow and multicomponent transport
Oil and Natural Gas Engineering - Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling Research Group
Table of Contents The Mathematics of Oil Recovery
U.S. DOE Software
USGS Water Resources Applications Software