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Sue Melnik

Mail Code 139-74, Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125 Phone: +1 (626) 395-2723 Fax: +1 (626) 585-0918 Email:


Ph.D. Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology
M.S. Aeronautics at Caltech
B.S. Fluid and Thermal Sciences at Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests
Semiconductor surface science
Diamond surface reactions with atomic and molecular hydrogen
Surface degradation in vacuum
Radical-surface reaction kinetics
Eley-Rideal and hot precursor mechanisms
Kinetic Monte-Carlo and Molecular dynamics simulations



o Diamond Surfaces: Interactions with Hydrogen and Halogens
Ph.D. Thesis submitted May 21, 1997. Download the entire thesis or individual chapters:

o ab-initio Quantum Chemical Computations of Hydrogen and Halogen Migrations on the Diamond C(110) Surface M. S. Melnik, D. G. Goodwin, W. A. Goddard, III, Materials Research Society Proc. 317, pp. 354-359 (1994).
[Here is a picture of a vacuum chamber Sue designed.]


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