tex2gif: a latex to gif translator

Need an equation for that web page you're putting up? Have something too complex for Microsoft's equation editor? Long for the beauty of LaTeX equations in your PowerPoint presentation? Want to paste a copy of the Schrodinger equation to that letter home to Mom?

Then tex2gif.py is for you!


Screen shots


Can I afford the big bucks for a high-quality program like that?

Yes you can, because today and every day, tex2gif.py is free, free, free! Released under the Gnu GPL. Pick up one for the kids! Bring home another for the wife or husband. Your friends will love it!


It has not escaped the author's notice that many of these functions could be subsumed by the Python Imaging Library. If something like this is important to you, send the author a quick email to let him know.


This program couldn't have been written without Nikos Drakos' pstogif.pl program, part of the LaTeX2HTML package, and John Walker's textogif program.
Richard P. Muller <rpm@wag.caltech.edu>
Last modified: Thu Mar 17 08:08:19 2005