CECAM workshop on:

Reactive classical potentials versus hybrid methods:
toward chemical complexity

List of participants

T. Albaret (Italy) (abs)
E. Artacho (Spain) (abs)
N. Bernstein (USA) (abstract)
E. Bourasseau (France) (abstract)
F. Calvo (France) (abstract)
V. Cannillo (Italy) (abstract)
G. Csanyi (UK) (abs)
A. Delcorte (Belgium) (abstract)
A. De Vita (Italy) (abs) 
C. Elsaesser (Germany) (abstract) 
K. Flipse (Netherlands)
T. Germann (USA)
W. A. Goddard, III (USA) (abs)
B. L. Holian, (USA) (abs)
A. Laio (Switzerland) (abstract)
A. Lazzeri (Italy) (abs) 
F. Legoll (France) (abstract) 
Y. Limoge (France)
J-B Maillet (France) 
M. Moseler (Gremany) (abstract)
M. Payne (UK) (abs)
R. Perez (Spain) (abstract)
R. Ravelo (USA) (abstract)
S. Scandolo (Italy) (abstract)
K. Scheerschmidt (Germany) (abstract)
J. Soler (Spain) (abstract)
L. Soulard (France) (abstract)
F. Spiegelman (France) (abstract)
A. Strachan (USA) 
S. Stuart (USA) (abstract)
J. VandeVondele (Switzerland) (abstract)
A. van Duin (UK) (abstract)
G. Zerah (France)

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