CECAM workshop on:
Upscaling from ab initio to Molecular Dynamics:
Interatomic Potentials and Hybrid Methods

List of participants

S. Bernard (France)* (abstract)
N. Bernstein (USA)* (abstract)
F. Calvo (France)* (abstract)
M. Elert (USA)* (abstract)
A. De Vita (Italy)* (abstract)
T. Germann (USA) *
W. A. Goddard, III (USA)* (abstract)
B. Holian (USA)*
J. Kress (USA)* (abstract)
G. Lu (USA)* (abstract)
R. Madec (USA)* (abstract)
J-B Maillet (France)*
J. Moriarty (USA)* (abstract)
D. Pettifor (UK)* (abstract)
R. Ravelo (USA)* (abstract)
U. Rothlisberger  (Switzerland)* (abstract)
T. Sewell (USA)*
L. Soulard  (France)* (abstract)
A. Strachan (USA)*
S. Stuart (USA)* (abstract)
A. van Duin (UK)* (abstract)
G. Zerah (France)* (abstract)

* confirmed

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