Bartosz Trzaskowski is a research assistant/postdoctoral scholar at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw. As a recent member of Bill Goddard's biogroup at the California Institute of Technology he is continuing his work on predicting structures of G protein-coupled receptors. Currently he is involved in project which aim at prediction of 3-dimensional structure of chemokine receptors as well as desigining new inhibitors for this class of proteins. His main interest is the CCR5 protein, which is used by HIV to enter target cells. His work with GPCRs allowed also to obtain a reliable structure of A2A adenosine receptors and develop new methods for structure prediciton, which are part of the GeNSEMBLE suite used for ab inito prediction of structure of membrane proteins. He is also interested in the entire chemokine receptors family: their structures, activation mechanisms and drug development.

Prior to joining Caltech, Bartosz Trzaskowski was a research assistant/postdoctoral scholar at the University of Arizona with Ludwik Adamowicz. Working on a interdisciplinary project bridging chemistry, biochemistry, biology and materials science he developed new methods and computational protocols for predicting the orientation of proteins on surfaces. His work was also fundamental to explore the biology and chemistry of microtubules and their potential use as nanoscale interconnectors. His main achievement in this topic was elucidation of Taxol nucleation and its impact on microtubules formation.

A native of Warszawa, Poland, Bartosz Trzaskowski received his M.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Warsaw in 2001 followed by Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences also from University of Warsaw in 2005. He is recipient of a number of fellowships awarded by the European Molecular Biology Organization, Foundation for Polish Science, Swedish Institute and the University of Sydney. He has broad expertise in the fields of quantum and computational chemistry, biology and materials science.

A curriculum vitae is available upon request.