New Amino acids for Protein Engineering

o Protein engineering is a powerful tool for design of novel macromolecular surface arrays, reversibly hydrogels and artificial extracellular matrices for use in tissue regeneration and repair. In vivo microbial expressions of artificial genes provide a means of preparing such non-natural proteins in high yields. Since the experiments for synthesizing the analogs and tesing them for incorporation in vivo are tedious we have developed a fast screening procedure for screening analogs and candidates for the aminoacyl t-RNA synthetases. This procedure "HEIR-DOCK" protocol has been successfully applied to phenyl alanyl synthetase and the analogs.
  • Phenylalanyl t-RNA synthetase
  • Predicted Binding site for Phenylalanyl t-RNA synthetase
  • Analogs Tested for Phenylalanyl t-RNA synthetase
  • Calculated Binding Energies for the analogs of Phe