Structure Prediction for Transmembrane Proteins - GPCRs


Odor Receptors

We have developed a ab initio method to predict the structure of transmembrane proteins using the hydropathicity analysis, X-ray density map of bovine rhodopsin and state of the art molecular dynamics methods with proper description of the differential solvation environment for membrane proteins. As a part of the MURI project on Mammalian Olfaction with Harvard and Yale we have demonstrated that the above protocol has been used for predicting the structure of the olfactory receptor S25 ( sequenced by Malnic and Buck, Harvard) Further we have used this model to predict the binding site of the odorants in S25 and correlated well with experiments. Below are the powerpoint presentations given at the MURI review meeting 1999 on this topic
Molecular Models to Understand Structure/Response Relationships in Olfactory Receptors
Presented by Nagarajan Vaidehi

Using molecular models to understand structure/response relationships in olfactory receptors
Presented by Wely Floriano