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What is hydrogen economy? 

Who are doing hydrogen economy? 

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What is hydrogen economy? (Back to top) (next)

Global warming caused by using current fossil fuels may lead to serious environment problems. A doubling in the world's energy needs by year 2050 desired a "clean" energy source that do not add more carbon dioxide and other pollutants. The "hydrogen economy" has been considered world-widely as a long-term solution for a secure energy future. 

The hydrogen economy offers a compelling vision of an energy future for the nation and the world that is at once abundant, clean, flexible, and secure. We can envision the hydrogen economy as a linked network of chemical processes that produces hydrogen through fossil fuel reforming, biomass conversion, and electrolytic, biophotololytic, or thermochemical splitting of water; stores hydrogen chemically or physically; and converts the stored hydrogen to electrical energy and heat at the point of use. This vision of an energy stream, originating in the sun, flowing through hydrogen as a carrier to perform electrical work, and producing water as its only by-product, effectively addresses the major energy challenges of the 21st century.

The main challenges for a hydrogen economy are in those areas:

Hydrogen production 

Hydrogen storage 

Membrane, catalysts etc function materials in fuel cell 

Who are doing research for hydrogen economy?  (Back to top) (next)

highly cited scientists in area of hydrogen economy:



Sub area


Mildred Dresselhaus Phys. MIT Hydrogen storage of carbon based materials
George Crabtree Argonn Lab hydrogen production
Michelle Buchanan Oak Ridge Lab hydrogen production
Tom Mallouk Penn State Univ. hydrogen production
Laurie Mets U. Chicago hydrogen production
Kathy Taylor GM hydrogen storage
Puru Jena Virginia Comm. Univ. hydrogen storage
Frank DiSalvo Cornell Fuel cell
Tom Zawodzinski Case Western Reserve Univ. Fuel cell

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