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In this site, you have to put Chemical Structure for predicting proerties.Please input Chemical Structure by Using SMILES Equations (

Cis-, Trans- compounds case this applet will answer average.

Aromatic compounds parameters and Halogen compounds paraneters are available only for member.

BP calculate Boiling Point (Applet size 59Kbyte)

Critical Properties calculate Critical Temperture, Critical Pressure, Critical Volume.(Applet size 118Kbyte)

Vapor Pressure calculate vapor Pressure by using Reidel equation.(Applet size 102Kbyte)

Density calculate liquid density.(Applet size 119Kbyte)

Hv calculate Heat of Vaporization.

SP calculate Solubility Parameter by SP=(Hv/Vol)^0.5 (Applet size 127Kbyte)

SP2 calculate Solubility Parameter from Fedors Cohesive Energy Density. (Applet size 40Kbyte)

SP3 calculate Solubility Parameter from Small (applet size 130kbyte)

ST calculate Surface Tension

ST2 calculate Macleod-Sugden method Surface Tension

CP calculate Heat Capacity

THC calculate Thermal conductivity of Liquid

VIS calculate Viscosity

HB calculate Hydrogen Bonding Energy

HF、G、S calculate Heat of Formationm, Gibbs energy of Formation, and Entropy of Formation

RI calculate Refractive Index

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