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Welcome to the Virtual Materials Simulation Center

On this site you will find JAVA applets to estimate material properties. The JAVA Applets can not access your local hard disk. If you would like to receive printed output of your calculations write to us. We will explain this and other benefits of becoming a paying member of the VMSC. In the meantime enjoy what we have to offer and write to us with your comments.

This Virtual MSC has 4 parts.

ETUKO Estimations Tools Collection

NAOKO Knowledge Oriented Co-Polymerization

TOMOKO Topology & Molecular-Orbital Combination

KEIKO Chemical-Engineering Information-Science By Computer

At the VMSC we are currently developing new schemes to estimate physical properties in close collaboration with Japanese Industry and Academia. The acronyms used in these pages come from our Japanese collaborators.

To activate the calculations please enable JAVA on your Browser.

We strongly recomend using Internet Explorer(MS-IE) version 4.01(or later) or Netscape Navigator(NN) version 4.05(or later).

We developed all applets with MAC and Symantec Visual Cafe(ver 2.0) or Metroworks Code Warrior. We checked the applets using MS-IE(4.01) for MAC.

If you use a MAC browser, please down load MRJ 2.1 from the Apple website.

We would like to hear from you. We would like to hear from you. Please let use know if you encounter any trouble with your calculation.


E-mail hiroka@pirika.com, 99-3-17