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bulletO(n) and O(Log n) Constrained Molecular Dynamics

O(n) and O(Log n) Constrained Molecular Dynamics

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June 2006






Andres Jaramillo-Botero


William A. Goddard, III


Past collaborators:

Tahir Cagin (now at Texas A&M)


Amir Fijany (JPL)


In the study of molecular systems using Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations it is often desired to impose relative or absolute motion constraints on atoms or groups of atoms. This offers several different advantages depending on the type of constraint involved, i.e. absolute or relative, and on the type of generalized coordinates used to describe the equations of motion (EOM) of the system, i.e. Cartesian or internal. Indistinctively, both approaches involve the formulation of mixed systems of differential EOM and nonlinear algebraic equations of constraint.

Our approach involves the use of internal coordinates, even though this  increases the complexity of the solution to the EOM (mainly because we now have a highly coupled molecular system with highly non-linear, non inertial terms in velocity, a dense mass matrix operator and potential numerical conditioning of the formulation solution) hence requiring efficient algorithms to compute the algebraic differential solution in linear, or better, computation time, it offers several advantages over the conventional Cartesian constrained dynamics methods (the Figure to the left depicts an NVT@300K of a polymer chain that results in an order of magnitude increase in simulation time-step in comparison to conventional atomistic Cartesian MD). 

We have successfully demonstrated its use in large-scale, long-term dynamics of complex systems in polymer and protein science [see Publication list].  Current research involves addressing challenges in closed loop kinematics systems and correcting bad contact dynamics without time penalties.

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