Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative


Army Research Office (ARO), David Mann

Kick-off Meeting, Tuesday, July 26, 2005

115 Beckman Institute, California Institute of Technology


0800    Registration

0830    Welcome to Caltech        

                        William Goddard, Caltech

0835    Introduction to the IM MURI Programs        

                        David Mann, ARO

0845    Effect of Defects on Mechanisms of Initiation and Energy Release in Energetic Molecular Crystals

Malcom Nicol, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (25 min)

Tao Pang, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (10 min)

Michael Pravica, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (10 min)

Dr. Maija Kukla, NSF (10 min)

Prof. Alexander Roydburt (UMD Materials Science), (10 min)

Prof. Ivan Oleynik (University of South Florida (10 min)

1000    The Fundamental Chemistry and Physics of Munitions Under Extreme Conditions

1000                William Goddard, Caltech         Overview

1020    Break

1035                Dana Dlott, UIUC                    Experiments

1055                Adri van Duin, Caltech  ReaxFF

1115                Sergey Zybin, Caltech               Applications of ReaxFF to energetic materials

1135                Tahir Cagin, TAMU                 Higher order elastic constants

1155                Priya Vashista, USC                 Multiscale simulations using ReaxFF

1215                LUNCH, served in 121 Beckman Institute

1345    General, Unified, Multiscale Modeling to Predict the Sensitivity of Energetic Materials

1345                Don Thompson, UM-C            Overview & MD Methods/Simulations

1405                Tommy Sewell, LANL MD-Mesoscale-Macroscale

1425                Don Brenner, NCSU                Multiscale Modeling

1445                Steve Stuart, Clemson              Reactive Force Fields

1505                Don Thompson, UM-C            Summary Comments

1506    The Multi-paradigm Multi-scale Simulation Facility (CMDF) at Caltech

                        Markus J. Buehler, Caltech

1515    Break and General Discussion

1615    Adjourn

1630-1830       Dinner